c.19th Century Portrait of a Gentleman


Origin: English

Period: Victorian

Provenance: Unknown, unsigned

Date: 1837-1860


H: 63cm (25Inch) W: 53cm(21inch) D: 2.5 cm (1inch)


'The Countenance is the portrait of the soul, and the eye marks the intention'

- Marcus Tullius Cicero


Large Portrait on canvas of a Gentleman, quite the Dickensian Dandy. With landscape and building beyond showing that this gentleman was of landed gentry.


The sitter is depicted (and thereby dated) in the latest fashions of the time.

In our opinion a beautifully, executed classic portrait, that has a quaint serenity about it .

It is presented unframed and in an un-restored condition and we love it as it is.


There are no major losses and the canvas in good condition for its age. Please refer to the photographs for a visual reference.