Large Scale Indo-Persian Genre Painting on Silk Cloth 



Painting Height: 46 in. (117cm) Width:  33 in. (84cm)

Frame : 54 in. (137 cm) to edge of glass frame (104cm) 50 in .


Islamic (Of the Period)

Materials and Techniques:

Hand painted gouache and ink on silk cloth

Place of Origin:

Agra, Iran


Artisan: Sunil

Early 20th Century

Date of Manufacture

 1900- 1910's


Excellent condition, no damage



An Indo-Persian gouache and ink genre painting of what is believed depicts the very first Mughal emperor and the founder of the Mughal empire Babur ( r. 1526-1530)  who brought gunpowder to India. 


The Emperor is shown receiving tributes. atop an intricate rug, with scrolling colorful botanic designs; the border exhibiting floral designs reserved on a blue ground; 42" x 28 3/4"; framed.  Painted in the traditional natural vegetable colour and animal fiber brush.


Magnificent paintings and works of art were made for the Mughal Emperors many made on paper and on silk cloth, rarely of this size. We have a pair of these in stock.


Nicely detailed and in excellent condition.  Comes presented conserved, mounted in our clear frameless floating system.  Image supplied of example of our mounted floating frameless system.