Amazing Sea herbarium - Collection of Pressed Coastal Seaweeds in original frame.

Origin: English

Type: Natural History ‘Phychology’ Herbarium Collection, Shadowbox.

Period: Second half of 19th Century.

Dimensions:: H;58cm ( 23inch) w : 49 cm (19.2inch)approx


A Sea herbarium of five beautiful Coastal seaweeds.

Including:’ schizymenia’ OR   ‘Iridaea Edulis,’Plysyphonia’ (red algae and 3 other rare species)  and ‘Plocanium Coccineum’.

These seaweeds have a wonderfully personal history behind them, with annotated descriptions, amateur taxonomists work of the 19th century.  Presented in its totally untouched and original Oak and gilt frame.  A real treasure for a collector or  a statement piece providing  a quirky interior accent to any room.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    During the 19th Century, collecting and pressing seaweeds as well as other botanicals such as ferns was a popular pastime - particularly for young women.

A ‘women’s pastime’ practised by Queen Victoria, ‘seaweeding’ spread from the UK and globally.

The 18th-century Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, who founded modern taxonomy, practiced the art of pressing seaweed, but it exploded during the natural history boom of Victorian Britain. These were the days of amateur scientists traipsing around the world, their sketchbooks in hand.

'People spend a lot of time pressing seaweed ... separating out each beautiful branch so it looks like lace on the paper.While the racier pastimes of stuffing tigers or describing plant genitalia were off-limits to the “gentler sex”, it was socially acceptable for women to go “seaweeding".' 


Emily Miller


Both Queen Victoria and George Eliot pressed seaweed in their day. Some went even further, publishing field guides, with suggestions on proper attire and etiquette.'