Coolicon pendant lights

Coolicon pendant lights



 Green Coolicon Pendant Lights





Made of:  Steel, vitreous enamel

Period: Pre-war 1930

Country of origin: English

Diameter: 9 inch 230mm 

Height: 170 mm 

Colour: Green, underside white enamel, black label gold characters.

Condition: Excellent condition for age 


This original 1930’s Utility Lighting shade is an icon of British industrial heritage and would have been a common feature of many British industrial spaces in the early to mid 20th century. These types of shades vary in size and also quality.  Original enamel paint- racing green, white undserneath.  Age relted wear/ minor rusting to edges.  


These light shades look completely at home in practically any setting, hung from a ceiling as low pendents, over a table, counter, bar or on a wall . They bear their original and complete label which read:


MADE IN ENGLAND’ – The Standard




Designed with Coolicon’s signature vents, these lamps not only lit below but were designed to project the light upwards, a key feature for many dark factory floors where light was at a premium.


The shade will be supplied newly wired with fabric silk braided twisted flex (in a contact before purchase) for modern use with an exposed British manufactured bayonet pendant light fitting in.

Please contact before purchase for choice of  choice of coloured flex and bayonets.


If you require them as wall fixtures please contact for price.  We  are flexible and can work to your requirements.


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